Identify the right jobs in rural areas: C Rangarajan


Being a western insulated economy, the country has managed to get back to normalcy. It is highly important for us to identify the right jobs in rural areas said, C Rangarajan, economic advisor to PM while inaugurating the centre for rural studies in SASTRA. 

After the 11th five year plan, its time for the country to decide its growth path said, M Narendra, CMD IOB. Economical growth must be inclusive of all classes in the society and not just the industrial sector, he added. Further it is much more important to include every stakeholder in the growth path and ensure that the growth reaches every common man in the country. 

After having a tough time in the past, we must work towards the Active development in rural areas, said the banker. Only then we can be in the comfort level in growth story of our economy.  

The country need to reinvent the thoughts of Gandhi and Kamaraj in order to serve better and stand up to the prosperous for all moto "sarvae jana sukhino bhavantu" in the Indian blood. 

Not all the 6.3 lakh villages are covered by banking services, despite having enormous growth, farming and non farming banking has reached the rural masses. In recent times, TN has wittnessed increase in number of women taking part in rural governance. Being a savings economy, women in India has become efficient managers and in decision making process, said Narendra. 

Speaking on the contrast development of our economy, Rangarajan said, 90 percent of GDP was coming from agriculture in 1950s. However, this number has come down to mere 18 percent. Still 80 percent of people are dependent on agriculture. 

Advising the growth path, the centre for rural development must focus on sustainable agriculture development. More research and study must be commenced on increasing the productivity.  

Depleting Water resources is a looming concern in the agri sector said the economist. The centre can study on efficient usage of water through inventing new methods of irrigation. "Due to the water problems we are forced to adapt new methods of farming," said Rangarajan. 

Besides alternative development in rural areas, the centre can advice rural organisations to engage the farmers and farm labours during lean season. Farming in today's condition is not an economically viable profession. So it is important that we must generate new ideas to develop the agri sector. 

Small scale industries and business are important in rural areas. Providing employment to rural people will develop the living standard. Thus there is a greater need to utilise the local resource to become self sustenance in future. 

"On all the above there is a greater need to ensure that growth process is a broad based one," said Rangarajan.

Source: Express Thanjavur


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