Monsoon effects: Farmers fear Dip in harvest

Shreenesh Raman

Paddy fields near Orathanadu

The recent monsoon was a lifeline for farmers in the delta region expecting a decent harvest. However in some parts of the Thanjavur District, farmers are by and large affected by the monsoon downpour resulting a massive flooding in their fields.
Though the state government is yet to announce the damage claims for this season, approximately 9 percent of farmers are affected in Thanjavur and are still clueless about the damage claims, says Swami Natarajan. Assuming the previous year values, the government gave Rs 3000 per acre since the impact was pretty hefty he added.
Farmers in Samayankudikadu near Orathanadu are some who are still in dark about this year’s damage claims. Crop insurance plays a major role as various farmers associations insist members to pay their premiums on time resulting timely delivery of claims in monsoon seasons. Meanwhile, a source in the knowhow has confirmed that the state has deposited this year’s crop insurance premium to the centre.
According to some farmers, though the crop didn’t perish fully, there is a partial damage which will reflect in harvest, says Vimalanathan of Cauvery delta farmers association. According to him, most of the southern taluks in the district are more affected by and large.
The state has failed to declare Thanjavur as a monsoon impacted district, instead priority was given to Erode and Namakkal districts, he claimed. The association demands the government to send the flood impact evaluation committee from Chennai must visit the entire delta region.
Citing last year’s rainfall during the same time, a central government team visited Thanjavur, Tiruvarur and Nagapattinam and accessed the damages. However, this time the union government despite receiving request for funds on grounds of natural disaster is still keeping the issue pending, pointed Vimalanathan.
But based on assessment by various association and agriculture organisations, it is learnt that more than 50 percent of crop will take time to recover from the rain water. Though in most fields crops look brisk farmers fear that there will be an acute dip in harvest.
Source: Express Thanjavur


  1. Farmers sometimes overplay the rain situation. There were hardly any floods in the State this year and most water that stagnated in the second week of November drained within two or three days.

    This is reflected in the fact that the number of farmers enrolled in the NAIS has further dipped. This generally happens when farmers do not see any threat to their crop and hence absence of need for insurance.

    What should be focused on this year is the profits that these people are going to earn. Given the cost of inputs, I get a feeling their indebtedness is going to go up.

  2. Keeping the indebts aside... farmers are more worried about the harvest which might get affected... and it is proved in some parts of the district after the recent rains.
    Despite complaints the agri dept is still not acting on the issues raised by them.